Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flavor Saver

Almost exactly two months ago Gary and I were sitting in Aladdin's, a local Hudson restaurant, on one of those rare things some call "dates." Our conversation had turned to our current "situation" (job/long distance living/baby), and I was in tears as our food came thinking about the prospect of likely still being apart when the baby came. It was one of those terrifying moments where the more I tried not to cry the more I did. It was at this point that Gary wanted to jump up and shout "I don't think she's fat!" (ala "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days").

Fortunately, I was able to pull things together to enjoy our meal and our evening out. We both ordered a dish called the "Flavor Saver" and even though it was an exorbitant amount of food, there was not a spec of hummus left on our plates as we left the restaurant. We both decided that if and when we did all live in Hudson someday that this would be a go-to place for us.

Fast forward two months of missing each other more than ever and seeing God work in amazing ways...and here we are. Tonight is our first night sleeping in our new house. It feels a bit like a dream. A really happy dream. After we put Maggie to bed Gary headed off to Aladdin's (ironically about a minute from our new house) to pick up dinner.

He made me promise not to post a picture of our meal since Arabic food doesn't always LOOK so appealing...but the Flavor Saver was the perfect way to celebrate our first night at home - together - at the start of a "real" week.

You can bet that we are planning on savoring ALL of the flavors of this new season of our lives.

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