Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday I experienced Day 2 in a row of feeling just plain BLECH. I think it comes with the Third Trimester territory. What?? You forgot I was pregnant?? Don't worry, I do too sometimes. Yep, it's true - 31 weeks today! Lately it seems like these BLECH days are coming more and more often...which makes me truly grateful to be in Cleveland at the in-laws' instead of at home snowed in with Mags.

You might be wondering what we are doing in Cleveland this week. I am VERY happy to say that we are not just here to spend time with Gary for the week. We are here to FIND A HOUSE!! (and a doctor, and a hospital, etc...)

A few weeks ago Gary and I both hit a really low spot - feeling extremely despondent and discouraged about our situation. I was particularly feeling the panic, especially with the Baby's impending due date. I know that many, many people have been praying for us over the past 8 months, and I have never felt those prayers so keenly as I did that following week.

We decided that given our ever-shortening window of time to move before the Baby comes we should start exploring the possibility of renting our house. Literally the day after we started putting feelers out a friend of mine connected me with a friend of hers that was looking for a home to rent for their family of five. We could not be more thrilled with this family or this situation (in fact, it turns out that we know them, too!). God met us. In his timing and his plan and only as he can do. There are so many details that can only be attributed to him, and we are so, so grateful.

Fast forward to this week, where we continue to see God's hand and guidance at work. We found our new house the day after we arrived. Being that there aren't a TON of rental options in Hudson, we weren't quite sure what our expectations should be...and are just ecstatic to have found a place that has pretty much everything that we wanted...and more!

The plan (depending on moving company logistics) is to return to Wheaton this weekend, have two weeks to pack up the house and then load up and move in the last week/weekend in February!

Two weeks seems quick to arrange logistics, pack up a house, etc. I know it is going to fly. And I know it's going to be quite emotional. At the same time, there have definitely been sweet moments this week where Gary and I have looked at each other and said, "It can't go fast enough!" We are beyond excited to be together as a family again. It seems quite surreal to say goodbye to the way life has looked the past months and say hello to our new chapter (and adventure) in Ohio.

Our new Home Sweet Home. Visitors always welcome.


AdamBam said...


Just close your eyes and you'll be all moved-in, with all of your shtuff unpacked and put away before you know it. That's how it worked for us! ;-)

Jenn said...

I'll be coming over soon :)