Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'll be the first to admit...I was DEAD WRONG.

I confess, I had really really high hopes for Maggie's artsy side. I am here to say that I think Dad's genes won. Rather than coloring, she would rather sort. I have sat, wide-eyed, jaw opened watching her collect her crayons, put them in the box, take them out, put them back in, put them in piles, pick them up, hand them to me, take them back, etc. It is absolutely beyond me how anyone could have a lovely colored piece of wax and blank piece of paper in front of them and not just go crazy. She would rather make sure everything is in it's place.

The pictures are not of her "coloring," but this is her other favorite sorting activity. She LOVES this little stacker, and not surprisingly I've caught her emptying it halfway through just to attempt to get the colors/sizes in the right order.

Gotta love this gal...such a fun blend of BOTH of our personalities!

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