Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saying Goodbye

In addition to packing, I've been trying to do my best to say goodbye to some of my/our favorite things in Wheaton this week.

Little things I will particularly miss:
- Being 5 minutes away from Trader Joe's.
- Having Dunkin Donuts (including drive thru!) around the corner.
- Egglectic Cafe, Gino's East, Pad Thai (and our other local go-to restaurants)
- Oberweis drive thru (because who wants to go into the grocery store with a toddler just to get milk??)
- Our walking loops and parks (although we technically said goodbye to those a few months ago...)
- Watching the kids walk to/from school.
- Etc., etc., etc.

Several days a week I put Maggie's high chair in front of the back window so that she can watch the squirrels while she eats her lunch. We call it Squirrel Theater. And it's absolutely riveting. At least for Maggie.

Every Thursday morning around 7:30 the recycling truck comes. We can usually hear it coming before it's actually here, so I try to open the front door so Maggie can watch. The man who drives the truck is AMAZING. He stops the truck, moves the huge garbage truck arm over the top of the truck, honks his horn and waves at Maggie before he drives off. If we're still watching, he does it AGAIN on the other side of the street. It may be the highlight of her week. It definitely is one of mine.

Even now as I upload these pictures I am tearing up a little bit. Last week in the middle of meltdown #64 Gary kindly reminded me that it wasn't the squirrels or the recycling man that make these things special, but MAGGIE. And how awesome that even though we are saying goodbye to these things, she is going to continue to introduce us to so many MORE things that will bring us joy and laughter and even more great routines and memories.


laura b. said...

We'll be moving (in town) sometime this summer or so and our home will eventually be torn down (because of the flood). I'm also sad about saying goodbye to so many things I've grown to love about our home and raising kids here.

AdamBam said...

That image you captured of Maggie at the glass door with the trash truck is fabulous! Such a great story...