Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby vs. Grinch - Nine Months

So much of this last year is a blur to me. Amazing to think back to last January at this time when we weren't even sure where Howie would be born! And now - whoosh! - he's nine months old. NINE! Unfortunately for him (or maybe fortunately considering his temperment the first 6 months of his life...), his blog records leave much to be desired.

A LOT has happened in the past three months.

He is known as H man to nearly everyone...

...although his nicknames abound as much as his drool.

He eats like a horse. He only has four teeth, but chews and chomps like he has a full set.

Unless he's truly not hungry (rare), I still have yet to offer him a food he won't eat. Peas, carrots, beans, squash - he will not turn any of it down! If this is any indication of what he will be like as a teenager, I am in trouble! He is definitely a different child from his sister. (Who still will not eat any of the above of her own free will) He gets visibly angry if he sees someone eating something and he is not. This includes my morning cup of coffee...can't a mom get a break??!

He is into EVERYTHING.

I was thankful to take the Christmas tree down this weekend, and am finding myself discovering new ways I need to re-babyproof our rooms. Between army crawling and rolling he can get almost anywhere much faster than you can think.

He gets bored quickly, and between keeping up with him and keeping him entertained (and fed!) we are quite busy.

He loves watching the trains go by out the back window, and was very excited that Christmas brought him several CARS and TRAINS and other boyish things that we've never really had around here. Football is his favorite thing to watch on TV. (Not that I ever let my children watch TV) He never seems to mind when Maggie (accidentally or not accidentally) tackles him.

All in all, I am discovering every day the differences between raising boys and girls.

He has always been a little chatterbox, and continues to be as he adds more sounds to his "vocabulary." Lately his faves are Mama, Dada, Baba (just babbling, don't be impressed). He quite often says a combination that sounds like "Hi Dad," which I find so endearing...even though I know he's not REALLY saying it.

He LOVES his sister. He is generally a very friendly, smiley, social baby when other people are around, but nothing holds a candle to when Maggie enters the room. Her presence automatically elicits smiles and coos and giggles. It is really very sweet. Fortunately, she feels the same way. I am cherishing these moments where they love to be around each other...because I know there will be days coming where they don't think quite so fondly of each other.

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