Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Miracle

I recently joined Pinterest. That is not the miracle. But the wealth of information and inspiration are absolutely overwhelming.

For YEARS I have been perplexed about my dishes. It's no secret that food looks best served on white, and I still love the color and pattern I chose seven (??!) years ago. However, white also shows everything, and in addition to enamel chipping and crackling, I have had horrible silverware marks for what seems forever.

I FINALLY found some new dishes that I liked enough to replace the old ones. Enter Pinterest...and a tip someone posted about removing silverware scratches from dishes. This may be old news to some, but I've talked to at least three people who have all been thrilled to know this I thought I'd share.

Here it is:

Yep. That's it.

Sunday afternoon I decided to give it a try. Check out the results:

Granted, quite a few of mine were too far gone for help due to enamel issues...but the ones that were OK look almost new!

So that's my fun-filled tip of the day. Well, three, really...1) go get yourself some Barkeepers Friend, 2) don't buy Pottery Barn dishes, 3) join Pinterest.


Amy @ Seven Grey Sweaters said...

OK, I am such a geek for commenting on this post (and not all the adorable kiddo pictures)... but Barkeepers Friend is such great stuff! If you haven't figured this out already, try using it on anything made of metal, especially stainless steel. Makes my pans and flatware look brand new. :)

Beth said...

Hah! Amy - no less geeky for me than doing a post about it! I agree about BKF...I've had it for years under my sink for my pots and pans...who knew the answer to my dishes was right under my nose??