Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snow Days

There's something I love about being able to declare my own snow days. It's right up there with wearing pajamas til 11 and including sweat pants in the range of Acceptable Attire...a few of the perks of being a mom with babies.

I have vivid memories from my childhood, laying in bed listening to the radio (gasp!) read the list of names of schools that had been called off, my heart beating faster as the alphabetical list got closer to my school's name.

Ever since Maggie was a baby and I said goodbye to my full-time (paid) job, snow days have become one of my favorite entitlements of being a mom. Days where if I don't want to leave the house I don't have to and we can do everything that school aged children and working people wish that they could. Namely, not leave the house. There was in fact one week Maggie's first winter where Gary was out of town and we did not leave the house for FIVE straight days. I'm not sure why I'm sharing this...even as I write it it sounds horrible. At the time it felt indulgent.

It's really not that glamourous. It's just the first major snow. Which is always romantic and fun (especially from the inside looking out). Come February when we are all banging our heads against the wall because we're tired of being locked inside together it will not seem that glamourous at all.

But considering the years until school start and I am bound to someone else's schedule again are ticking down faster and faster, I'm just going to soak these days in.

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