Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday Black Hole: Part One

As much as I like this little blog to be a way for friends and family (near or far!) to connect with us, one thing I really love about it is the life documentation ability it gives me - yes, me, the "artsy" one who has not even attempted a baby book. For either child. In fact, our wedding album is only half done.

I love the every day things that end up getting recorded in this blog (my kids may not 10 years from now), but it struck me recently that I have posted ZILCH about Thanksgiving and Christmas 2011...both significant, no? It's like a two-month-long black hole sucked us in.

So here you go...the speed round.

Part One: Thanksgiving 2011

On a little hike.

I attempted at one point to do a little handmade garland with Mags help. But it never got hung. Harumph. Hoping that I can get my act together for it to make an appearance next year.

The infamous (at least around here) pajama party.

The makings of a KILLER stuffing. Really. You must try it. And this is coming from a person who rarely eats meat.

The Cleveland Zoo is free every year on Thanksgiving Day. And let me tell you, a ZOO it was! CRAZY! Maggie was thrilled with the entire experience.

Boy, does she get heavy, though!

It was a perfect day. On the bench with Uncle Paul, not to be confused with Uncle Paul, as well as Heather.

The dinner party! Minus Aunt Susan (photographer) and Howie. Let me tell you - after a day at the zoo and an afternoon cooking, the meal was literally inhaled...and everyone was exhausted.

The WHOLE family. I really enjoyed this Thanksgiving, knowing that as we all grow older and further apart that this will likely become more and more rare. What a treat to have everyone in town for so long! From left to right: Auntie Kirstin and Uncle Jay, Uncle Paul and Aunt Susan, Gary and Muggs (aka Mimi and Bops), our clan (yes, that is my hair Howie is eating, and yes, it hurt), Uncle Paul and Heather.

There you have it! A very full, but very fun week. It's always nice to reflect on what you are thankful for while with those you are thankful for. My heart was (and is) truly FULL of thanks this year. On so many levels.

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