Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holiday Black Hole: Part Three

Part Three: Christmas

For the past several years I have been longing to spend Christmas at home. The experience did not disappoint.

I loved everything about Christmas Eve...from going to our church's Christmas Eve service...to putting the last-minute touches on gifts and arranging everything under the tree...to watching Gary put together Maggie's tricycle...to going to bed anticipating the next morning (in a different way than I did as a child).

Ironically, I have very little documentation considering the day's events. I think it must have been because I was either holding a child or holding a cup of coffee. Or both.

There are also very few (read: NONE) pictures of Howard. He was sick. Again. Shocker.

The tricycle was more of a hit than we could have ever imagined. She IMMEDIATELY got on it, put on her helmet and demanded that someone take her around to do "laps." She cried when (after at least 30 minutes of this) Gary told her she had to get off so we could open the other presents.

Doing the obligatory scribble on her easel...she was not nearly as thrilled about this as the trike.

Christmas brunch with Mimi and Bops. Are you asking yourself why there are TWO things of yogurt? I am.

Because you cannot have eggs without syrup.

Christmas day nap hair. Inspired by the Whoville I think.

After the novelty of her own gifts wore off, she naturally resorted to Howard's.

You would think we lived in the South by the number of smocked dresses I put this girl in. Just counting the days until I can add a huge grosgrain bow to her hair. (Looks a little ridiculous now...) My sweet grandmother sure knows me well!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we're just plain classy people.

Gary and Mags (read: GARY) taking advantage of H's trains.

I will always remember this as being a very special Christmas...our first at home...hopefully not our last. It makes me excited to anticipate future Christmases...no matter who is here or where we are - how wonderful to be able to celebrate together as a family and remember why the day is truly so special to us!

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