Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Amazing Survivor: California Edition

I am fairly positive that the next outstandingly popular reality TV show could be a combination of "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race." Parents are challenged to "Outwit, Outplay and Outlast" their toddlers while attempting to make it to their final destination (no pun intended) alive.

As reported, our travels actually went quite smoothly. With the exception of a TOTAL MELTDOWN at security when we had to take her backpack and boots off. A TSA agent kindly informed me AFTER the episode that if children under 12 don't have to take their shoes off. Hm. Thanks a LOT.

Survival tip #1: Lugging the carseat through the airport was TOTALLY worth it. I am convinced that 9/10 months has to be the most hideous age to travel with a child.

Survival Tip #2: Keep food handy. I wish I had a picture of the carryon bag I brought. At the last minute I had to upgrade to a DUFFLE BAG just to fit all of our snacks. And you can be sure that we did not waste any time getting to the closest In-N-Out after we landed in LA.

Tip #3: Portable DVD players = gold. Between the plane, car and 4:45 awake time the first morning, this thing practically glowed and I could hear the faint sound of angels singing every time I looked at it.

Tip #4: Enthusiasm is everything. Maggie practically leapt into her cave/fort (aka bed in a CLOSET) every nap/bedtime. OK, not EVERY time, but she definitely thought it was cool.

Tip #5: Go with it. Due to a very early flight home, we spent the night before in a hotel. Having spent nearly a week not sleeping in a crib, we decided there was no need for two pack-n-plays at the hotel, and Maggie had her first night in a big girl bed. Not bad, eh?

(disclaimer: I think Maggie was ready to take Howard down in an effort to fight for the pack-n-play. Why does she love those things so much??)

Tip #6: If it's not broke...Killing time away from home is very similar to killing time at home. Have my kids ever NOT been excited about a bath??

Tip #7: Stay true to yourself. We've done it before and I'll venture to say we'll do it again. Baby in a bathroom, take 2.

Tip #8: Keep calm and carry on. As a result of our early EARLY morning flight, we had two full rows of seats on the way home. It made all the difference. See, what were we so worked up about in the first place??

I can't believe I just did an entire post about traveling. For being a generally very Type B person, I am practically certifiable when it comes to these types of things.

Hold on a sec, I need to go collect my one million dollars.


Tara said...

Maggie has the best bedhead!

Beth said...

I'll take that as a compliment, coming from the mother of Shea and Maya! :)