Saturday, March 17, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

Howie's increased mobility is making me more and more aware of the differences between boys and girls. He is keeping us on our toes, to say the least. According to Gary's grandfather, "He's just a DUDE." Couldn't put it better. He is ALL boy.

He has finally popped up from scooting on his belly to a full-blown hands-and-knees crawl. Between crawling and cruising the furniture, this kid is FAST. And destructive.

Unlike his sister, he has no boundaries. I find him under and on top of anything and everything. He has perpetual rug burns on his knees that I fully anticipate to turn into permanent scrapes and scabs as he gets older.

He loves cars, trains, balls...and his sister's baby (REALLY, Howie?? Of ALL the babies in the house, you have to choose to be obsessed with Allison??!). To be fair, he is obsessed with real babies, as well.

Watching the trains in the backyard. "Train" is one of the only words he responds to right now other than his name. Whenever we say it (or he hears one go by) he whips his head around and sets off on a dead sprint for the back door.

EVERYTHING goes in the mouth.

Either I need to do a better job cleaning the floor, or embrace him doing it for me!

Hitting the weights.

Despite their differences, he ADORES his sister. He won't even put his head on MY shoulder!

At least he's easy on the eyes.

And fortunately for me, girls will be girls...

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