Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sick and Scared and Mad

A couple of months ago whenever we asked Maggie what was wrong, she started to tell us she was sick. As her awareness of negative feelings grew, but her ability to pinpoint the problem (or refusal to) did not, she began to expand... "I'm sick...and scared...and mad..." Now she just runs all three together, "I'msickandscaredandmad." To which we now just roll our eyes because she's obviously not any of those.

If you're wondering WHERE WE'VE BEEN, I defer my answer to Maggie:

A few weeks ago we landed some kind of whopping virus that knocked us all out (as well as many who had been around us). There was lots of TV, lots of visits to the doctor, and lots (I mean LOTS) of snot.

Even Baby Allison needed a trip to the doctor.

[Side note: I recently learned that our doctor was astonished to know that we actually call our son "Howie." Apparently she has only heard Maggie and I refer to him as "H Man." Wow. This is a) a reflection on how often we frequent the doctor and b) a sure sign I need to start filtering how I talk in public.]

We decided awhile back that we needed to schedule a trip out to see Gary's grandparents and aunt and uncle out in California. Even prior to purchasing the tickets, we began to be anxious about the trip. We were ecstatic about the idea of actually BEING there. It was the GETTING there that had us in nervous sweats. Flying cross country with two kids?? I don't even go to Target with two kids! The fact that none of us began to feel better until the day before we left certainly did not help our anxiety, either.

Fortunately, thanks to many prayers and some great advice from well-traveled friends, we not only made it out in one piece, but I can confidently say that we are ready to do it again!


The week in California FLEW by, and we were all upset to see our time out there end. [Full report and photos forthcoming.] And now we are back in real life - face to face with the reality of jobs, midwest weather, time-differences, sleep schedules and the fact that Howie's long hair is much more suited for a California lifestyle. We're just plain mad.

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