Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hiding Place

Seriously, I have continued to be stumped by the sock saga. Mainly because they CONTINUE to disappear. Yesterday I discovered that I only had ONE matching pair and that pair was dirty, so Maggie wore mismatched socks all day. I was starting to think the no sock days of summer would have to hit our house early this year.

Even today as I was loading the dryer I found myself peeking my head inside like a crazy person wondering, "Is it REALLY possible for a dryer to eat socks? Where would they go? How can I find this out?"

And THEN. Tonight my mom made a fantastic discovery. She was getting ready to do the "clean" cycle on her laundry machine (something that will likely not happen for several years in our house) and as she was reading the instructions (even if I did do the clean cycle, this is something even less likely to happen) they mentioned something about making sure there were no clothes or things stuck in the gasket. AS SHE WAS SAYING THESE WORDS I pulled away the gasket and low and behold a rather large pile of socks was there staring me in the face. Ten to be exact. TEN!

YES! I feel so vindicated! I have WON the sock battle!

So GO! Now! Reclaim your socks!


jacqueline said...

After reading your post I got entirely too excited and rushed home for lunch to check out my own washing machine. I did not make it to the living room to say hello to my wonderful husband and adorable baby before disappearing to the laundry room... there MUST be ANOTHER hiding place, because I too am missing a lot of socks and I am STILL missing a lot of socks...they were NOT hiding there! Thanks for getting my hopes up.

Thai said...

Where's the gasket????