Tuesday, April 6, 2010

She's Going to Kill Me for this Someday

This is a picture of the World's Second Largest Blowout.

The World's First Largest Blowout occurred today. Unfortunately I did not have my phone with me when I took her upstairs to change her. I say unfortunately for two reasons:
a) You would not believe it even if you saw it. It put the above picture to shame. Up the back, to her neck, in her hair, around the side, in her armpit...are you feeling nauseous yet? Because I definitely got the dry heaves. And she's not even eating vegetables yet!
b) I had no way of setting her down once the damage was discovered to make a phone call to COME HOME NOW.

Recently Maggie has taken to pooping ONLY when she's in her exersaucer. Which, for those of you without kids or without an exersaucer, is a guaranteed blowout. Meaning some days she is not allowed in it until night, and also that I continue to be more and more thankful for my new washing machine and Oxy Clean. Because both getting a lot of use these days.

This was one of those occasions that two things suddenly became very clear for me:
a) why God gave us TWO parents (although the necessity for at least one to work doesn't help a TON in this situation), and
b) the term SUPER MOM is definitely not overused or overrated:
After using at least half the bag of wipes, holding her up with one hand while simultaneously wiping and trying to balance her to keep her from grabbing the wipe packet (one of her favorite things), I recalled back to the Powder Puff days and tucked her under one arm while running down the hall and the stairs saying over and over, "Please don't pee. Please, please don't pee now." Then I had to clear out the clean dishes from the sink (15 pounds was starting to feel pretty heavy with one arm at this point), get the bathtub, fill it, forgot her towel - got that, and FINALLY the bath (a job in and of itself)!

I apologize if I've thoroughly grossed you out, and I'll put a dollar in Maggie's therapy jar for posting this - but I thought it would be good to post something on Life Lately since my updates have been on the low side for several months now.

Tonight? Carrots! (On a somewhat related note: we started oatmeal last week and as expected she is LOVING EVERY BITE.)

I think I'm going to go wash my hands now. Again.


Tara said...

Oh my. That is a serious blowout! At least it hopefully doesn't stink too bad yet....?

So I don't want to be an annoying Cloth Diaper Person, but even if you use disposables, you can put one of these covers on them and they are awesome at keeping in the disgustingness. Whenever we traveled and used disposables when the girls were in the hot mustard poo phase, I eventually learned to bring some of the covers with us because without fail they would have an up-the-back poopsplosion mid-flight.


The covers have elastic around the legs and across the top which helps, uh, contain things. ;-) Just a thought!

Elise said...

LOVE it...we have 2 similar photos (one for each lovely little lady) that Keeley chose as two of the special selections that grace our digital frame. :)

Aren't you glad that the cloth part of the exersaucer is easily removable?!!! ;)